Pregnancy Massage

60 min = £60 
A course of 3 treatments x 60 min = £165 (saving of £15)

Pregnancy Massage

60 min = £60 
A course of 3 treatments x 60 min = £165 (saving of £15)

Well deserved attention for the mum-to-be

Pregnancy Massage is a deeply relaxing and wonderful way to spoil an expectant mother, as it’s great for the emotional and physiological wellbeing for both mother and child.

Studies have suggested that massage during pregnancy is hugely beneficial. As well as with regular massage, pregnant women can experience numerous benefits from massage because of their changing bodies that put stress on the back, neck, shoulders and abdominal muscles.

Massage Therapy helps melt away those aches, pains and stresses which can develop during pregnancy, ensuring the muscles are relaxed and the body is prepared for labour.

It also gives special, well-deserved attention to the mum-to-be, which in turn nurtures the unborn baby.

Pregnancy Massage Benefits:

  • Reduces sciatic pain

  • Eases muscular discomfort and tightening that can be experienced throughout the body e.g. calf cramps

  • Eases constipation

  • Eases headaches

  • Encourages better sleep

  • Lowers levels of stress hormones

  • Reduces blood pressure

  • Reduces swelling and oedema in hands, feet and ankles

  • Improves blood and lymph circulation

  • Helps improve foetal nourishment

  • Improve mood, reduce anxiety

  • Enhances health and nourishes the skin

  • Boosts energy level

  • Helps calm the body and mind

Many studies have shown that women who receive regular massage in their 2nd and 3rd trimesters tend to have shorter labours with fewer complications and less labour pains. Studies have also shown that women who received massage twice a week before they were due to give birth had lower levels of stress hormones, which reduced their risk of premature delivery and postnatal depression.

“I highly recommend Lucia to anyone and have had all of her treatments. I’m looking forward to my regular Indian Head massage on payday which I couldn’t live without now. Really helped me with stress and anxiety and I always leave feeling like a million dollars!”

Mike McCusker

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Courses of 3 treatments are available

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Take some time. Treat yourself. You deserve it.