Indian Head Massage

30-45 min = £50 
A course of 3 treatments = £135 (saving of £15)

Indian Head Massage

30-45 min = £50 
A course of 3 treatments = £135 (saving of £15)

Release tension and ease stress

Indian Head Massage has been practiced in India for over a thousand years and springs from a rich tradition of family grooming. The techniques were original developed by women who used different oils according to the season to keep their hair strong, lustrous and in beautiful condition uses and adapts classic Swedish massage techniques for treating the scalp, face, neck shoulders and arms. It works on the areas of the body that are most effected by stress, however while the treatment is just on the upper part of the body, its effects are felt throughout the mind and body.

Physical Benefits:

  • Improves blood flow to the head and neck increasing the distribution of oxygen and nutrients

  • Stimulates and improves lymphatic drainage to the head and neck, helping to rid of waste materials from the body

  • Relieves eyestrain and headaches and is effective to tinnitus, jaw ache, sinusitis, congestion and insomnia

  • Improves muscle tone

  • Relieves muscular aches and pains

  • Helps restrictive joint movement and improves mobility

  • Revitalises the whole body

  • Boosts the blood supply to the scalp promoting hair growth

  • Reduces inflammation in the tissues

  • Relaxes the muscles

  • Stimulates the release of endorphins

Psychological Benefits:

  • Increased feeling of awareness and a sense of calm, peace and tranquility due to the re-balancing of the throat, third eye and crown chakras

  • Eases stress, anxiety and depression

  • Helps clearer thinking by increasing alertness and concentration

  • Re-balances the energy flow to the body

  • Releases stagnant energy and emotions

  • Revitalises the whole person

“I highly recommend Lucia to anyone and have had all of her treatments. I’m looking forward to my regular Indian Head massage on payday which I couldn’t live without now. Really helped me with stress and anxiety and I always leave feeling like a million dollars!”

Mike McCusker

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Courses of 3 treatments are available

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Take some time. Treat yourself. You deserve it.