18th October was World Menopause Awareness Day which aims to raise awareness of this life stage as there are so many women that suffer in silence.  There is also talk of the NHS to invite women for a check-up when they turn 45 as women have complained they feel like they go unnoticed and feel that the current support on offer is totally inadequate.

It’s a subject I can totally relate to as I started my transition in my early 40’s. Seeing that I’m a Wholistic Therapist and passionate about wellness of the mind, body and soul, I naturally opted for the natural approach and found what worked for me. Some women opt for HRT to help relieve the symptoms as studies have shown it can reduce bone loss and risk of bone fractures but some studies have found that HRT can increase the risk of stroke, blood clots, cancer and heart disease depending on the individuals health, age and which hormone replacement they are taking.

So, what is the alternative? Massage Therapy! Yes, Massage Therapy can help stress that intensifies menopause symptoms and women who are experiencing the transitional stages need to rest. Massage is a way to relax, reducing symptoms and the need for HRT.

The benefits of Massage for menopause:-

Tension Relief
Headache Relief
Increased flexibility & mobility
Decreased Hot Flushes, Irritability and foggy brain
Reduces Insomnia and enhances quality of sleep
Regulates symptoms
Hormone Balancing
Improved Circulation
Improves Mental Clarity
Stimulates the Lymphatic System
Eases Neck Pain & Lower Back Pain

It also helps women to reconnect and honour their bodies and the changes taking place.

Menopause symptoms will also benefit other self-care routines such as proper nutrition, yoga, exercise and more. Just take time and find out what combination suits you.

For best results, it’s best to schedule regular monthly or bi-weekly treatments to see and feel the benefits. It’s so easy to put your self-care on hold because of other commitments but remember you matter too!

The best massages for Menopause are:-

Aromatherapy – Some essential oils can help rebalance hormones and relieve symptoms such as mood swings and hot flushes.

Swedish Body Massage – Focuses on increasing circulation and promotes relaxation using effleurage long strokes, percussion, friction, tapping, Petrissage kneading, hacking helps reduce stress which reduces symptoms of menopause.

Reflexology – concentrates on the reflex points where I can concentrate on the pituitary, thyroid and adrenal glands.

Women’s hormones go through so many changes throughout life causing physical and emotional symptoms, many of which can also be helped by essential oils used at home between monthly or bi-weekly treatments as part of your wellness regimen.

Premenstrual fluid retention can be eased using oils and self-massage and premenstrual tension can be soothed with calming oils.  Certain aromatherapy oils can alleviate depression during menopause. Simply add two or three drops to a tissue and inhale for relief.

Or you could try this cooling blend which is great for hot flushes and irritability? Bergamot is very helpful when the body overheats.  Roman Chamomile calms and soothes while Geranium Rose Oil strengthens the uterus, relieves menstrual cycle issues, improves the mood, balances hormones.

You will need:-

5 drops of Bergamot Essential Oil

5 drops of Geranium Rose Oil

2 drops of Roman Chamomile

You can add this blend to a 90ml of distilled/filtered water and put it in a spritzer bottle and spritz your face to keep you cool during a hot flush, or you can add the blend to a diffuser and create a lovely calming environment.

Hormone Balancing Fennel Massage Oil 

2 Tablespoons of Almond Oil or Grapeseed Oil

3 drops of Fennel Essential Oil

5 drops of Geranium Rose Oil

Combine all the ingredients in a bowl, transfer to a sterilised to a dark glass bottle with a cap or a dropper.  Gently massage into feet or the back of your neck.

Makes 2 Tablespoons.

This blend can keep up to 3 months.

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