In this blog post, I’ll be sharing tips on how to get pregnant faster. You may be just be starting to think about starting a family or maybe you’ve been working on it for a little while either way, these tips may help you fast track conception. There are plenty of things you and your partner can try to get pregnant faster and some of them are quite simple.  It all comes down to proper self-care.

Just remember that just one strategy can’t guarantee success, but these tips can go a long way towards to getting pregnant.

Ending birth control

I mentioned this topic some time ago in my July blog and it’s best to end taking birth control sooner rather than later. Whether you are taking the pill, patch, ring or hormonal IUD, birth control works by switching off your hormones to prevent the body from ovulating but once you decide to stop taking them, the signals are turned back on and your body is able to naturally ovulate within 1-3 months. If you are taking shots it can take up to 9 months or longer for you reproduction system to get back to normal.  It takes 5 days for the contraceptive hormones to leave your body.

Go for a check-up

It’s a good idea to book an appointment with your doctor or midwife to get some good sound advice as you may be taking meds that are not baby friendly. A head-to-toe examination can detect if there’s something that needs addressing and identify any fertility issues that you both are not aware of.  Once you get the all clear, then you can get down to business.

Working out

Keeping active is one of the best ways to increase fertility.  It lowers blood pressure, reduces levels of cortisol and increases your blood flow to your reproductive organs which are all very necessary for conception but be wise and don’t overdo it.  Vigorous workouts can totally mess up your pregnancy plans, especially if your weight is already where it should be.   So you’re probably asking yourself why the discrepancy Lucia?  Well, things like fast-paced aerobics like running or cycling can mess with your menstrual cycle and temporarily stop ovulation.  Balance is needed between working out too much and not enough.  Try low-impact to moderate exercises instead.

Good fats

As the old saying goes “You are what you eat” so if you want to get pregnant faster what you eat really matters.  Healthy foods boost fertility and create a healthy baby.  Did you know that when it comes to getting pregnant faster, eating the right stuff may also help your partner too? Good organic healthy fats like omega 3 can boost your partner’s sperm count and metabolic energy whilst saturated fats in fast foods can sabotage sperm size and shape, making them less hardy.  So get into eating different omega 3 rich foods to help your partner’s swimmers get in tip-top condition.

Sperm boosting foods

Here are some sperm boosting foods your partner may want to consider:-


They say that they are an aphrodisiac and get you in the mood for lurve but what I do know is that the very high zinc content raises the production of sperm and testosterone.  If your partner isn’t keen on the idea, things like lean beef, poultry, dairy, nuts or eggs are good too.

Organic fruits & veggies

Very rich in vitamins which help protect sperm from cellular damage.  Leafy greens contain folate which men who don’t get enough of tend to produce sperm with abnormal chromosomes.  Citrus fruits, berries and tomatoes provide Vitamin C which boots sperm quality.  Fruit & veggies like sweet peppers, carrots and apricots which contain Vitamin A keep sperm from getting sluggish.  Yummy sweet potatoes are rich in all three – folate, A and C.


This amazing fruit helps increase sperm count and quality and stimulates a healthy sex drive, boost fertility for both men and women. A great source of flavonoids, polyphenols, Vitamin C, Vitamin B5, folic acid, Vitamin A, Vitamin E & fibre.  They’re the only fruit that contains special compounds called Punicalagins which support the immune system and also contain anti-cancer properties.  There are pomegranate drinks on the market but as you may be aware, most of these drinks just contain a lot of sugar and the goodness has been destroyed by the pasteurisation process so to get the real benefits out of this fruit is to eat it.  If you can buy organic, even better! It’s great for mid-morning snack.

Prenatal vitamins

Studies have shown taking a daily supplement can lower the risk of giving birth prematurely and help with your baby’s development.  Women that take prenatal supplements tend to get pregnant faster so popping a prenatal pill once a day is a smart move.  Be aware that not all prenatal pills are equal and opt for a brand that’s not full of fillers or other nasties.

Increase dairy and iron intake

Besides eating good organic food and taking prenatal supplements, try and fit in one serving of full-fat dairy a day as part of your plan to get more calcium.  Research has shown one serving of whole milk or cheese lowers the inability of producing healthy eggs and aim to take two servings per day of iron-rich foods like leafy greens, beans, lean meats since anaemic women can have irregular menstrual cycles.  If you eat a plant based diet, eat cereals fortified with Vitamin B12 alternative milk fortified with vitamin B12, yeast extract such as vegan marmite and nutritional yeast which is also fortified with Vitamin B12.  For calcium eat dark leafy greens, pulses, fortified unsweetened alternative milk, brown bread, dried fruit, sesame seed and tahini.  Soya products are a source of calcium but if eaten too often it can play havoc with your hormones so if you decide to still opt for this source of calcium, reduce it to eating it just once a month.

Cut out the caffeine and other vices

Not good news for all you caffeine lovers but studies have shown that too much caffeine and alcohol can derail your chances to conceive.  So if you really want to get pregnant soon, try and limit your caffeine intake to 200mg per day which is an equivalent to two cups of coffee. Better still cut it out all together and find an alternative.  Cut out alcohol altogether as it will totally derail your plans altogether and if you smoke as well it can cause major damage to your eggs and increase chances of miscarriage once you get pregnant.

Get more sleep

Make sure you’re getting a good 7 to 8 hours sleep each night. Irregular sleep patterns may lead to irregular menstrual cycle which will mess up your plans.  Getting regular sleep on a regular basis can also combat stress and get a more accurate basal body temperature reading. Aiming to go to bed early and getting up early is great but it doesn’t suit everyone but what is far more important that you get enough quality sleep by ensuring you go to bed and wake up at the same time every day.

Try not to worry

Extreme stress and anxiety can lower your chances of getting pregnant by causing hormone levels to go haywire which decreases cervical mucus.  But even if you’re not at haywire freak-out levels, it can’t hurt to keep your nerves in check by avoiding work overload, doing a Zumba or yoga class, listening to music or venting to your partner or a sympathetic friend and finding the time for self-care.  Booking yourself in for regular massage has great benefits not only will it keep your body and mind healthy it also improves blood flow and circulation which balances the hormones and improves your chances of getting pregnant.

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