I think the third 3rd lockdown here in the UK was worse than the 1st one. Most of the time I was fine and I just got on with things, but sometimes I found it emotionally draining. There’s so much negativity and uncertainty that is still circulating since we came out of lockdown and it’s  so easy to get triggered and sucked into that void and start worrying and fearing the worst. Being in the present moment is so important. People who are spiritually aware can relate to what I’m posting here but for those who think what’s so great about it well, read on.⁣

Being in the present moment is the very essence of mindfulness. Being more mindful is all about the here and now not what happened in the past and not worrying what might happen in the future. ⁣

There’s power in bringing your mind to the present moment as It’s where you feel alive but we tend to dash around like demented chickens running from one thing to the next constantly planning what to do next, what we need to remember, who we need to call, where we need to be. Even when we do get to sit down to relax, we tend to watch tv but we’re also in FB or checking out emails never giving ourselves the time to really relax properly. ⁣

Thinking back before all this technology took off , people were busy getting things done but they did one thing at a time and didn’t face so much pressure, so much brain stimulation so is it any wonder when you talk about mindfulness some people say I can’t switch off! I’ve had clients come to me pre-lockdown and post-lockdown for a massage but they just can’t relax properly and I have to ask them to try and relax themselves they try to but just can’t fully relax because their brain is so wired maybe due to drinking too much coffee and thinking what needs to be done, places to be people to see etc. ⁣Stress and anxiety is formed around things that will happen or it’s already happened. The key is not to worry about it.

Negative Mindset

The more anxious you become, the less rational and able to work out your problems leading to insomnia. Things pop into your head and you obsess and worry about it because you have no distractions and still carrying the stress from the previous days getting more and more worked up.⁣

When we get into this negative mindset, we tend miss out on great moments that are happening right before us. So often we fail to stop and notice what’s around us and stop and smell the flowers. ⁣

So how do you live in the moment?⁣

The top 3 ways to slip into the moment are:⁣

Focus on your breathing⁣

Focus on what’s in front of you⁣

Close your eyes and think of a colour open your eyes for something of that same colour. This exercise is very uplifting.⁣

Other benefits of being present :⁣

Improves your social skills⁣
Improves your creativity⁣
You appreciate your world more ⁣
Releases stress⁣
You worry less and stop overthinking ⁣
Helps you to be more open⁣
You are more playful⁣

Being in the present moment can be hard to keep up and you’ll slip back into not being present but that’s fine, don’t beat yourself up. Just accept you’re not in the present and you’ll feel a lot better and more relaxed . It will be easier to slip back into the present moment again. ⁣

The secret of health for both mind and body is not to mourn for the past, nor to worry about the future, but to live the present moment wisely and earnestly.”⁣


More ways to live in the moment to consider

Removing possessions

Removing items associated with past memories allow you to stop living in the past and no longer has power over you so you can begin living in the moment.⁣


You are in control of your attitude every morning. Try and keep it optimistic and expectant and be intentional about it. You’ll soon find yourself doing it every day without even realising it!⁣


Fully appreciate the moments of the day. Notice what is around you, sights, sounds, smells, emotions, the highs and lows. These are in our daily lives but we often forget to fully appreciate them. ⁣

Forgive past hurts

Easier said than done but harboring resentment because of past events will just hold you back and keep you stuck in the past. Try and choose to forgive and move on.⁣

Love what you do

No good being in a job you hate.  I know, I’ve been there  and it nearly ruined my physical and mental health. Two solutions,  find a job that you will enjoy or find something about your current job that you love. ⁣

Dream about the future but work towards it

Dream big, set goals and plans for the future but work towards it. Working towards your goals is the first step to realising your dreams. Don’t allow dreaming about tomorrow replace living in the moment. Dreaming about the future is only productive when combined with working towards what you desire. ⁣

Stop Worrying

If you constantly worry you can’t appreciate today. Worrying has never solved anything for anyone so redirect your mental energy into something more positive. ⁣

Let nature nurture you

Whenever you feel disjointed, anxious, frustrated or fed up, spending time in nature really helps you to feel calm, energised, present and grounded. Notice your surroundings. What do you see? Notice the colours, textures and aromas. There’s so much beauty around us but all to often we take it for granted. This is my favourite way of re-grounding. I just love taking my time and smell the flowers or taking a walk down to the seafront and watch the waves roll, so beautiful!

Pregnancy and the Present Moment

Being pregnant can be stressful enough so it’s understandable if you are worried about Covid-19 and getting the jab. Using your pregnancy to be more mindful has a lot of advantages it reduces stress, anxiety and depression insomnia and even aids weight loss and it doesn’t have to be complicated either. Things like brushing your teeth, eating, having a shower or even washing the dishes can be mindful things that is already a part of your daily routine.⁣

Another way to be mindful is let baby be your mindful teacher. When you feel the baby moving, just stop and come back to the present moment. What do you feel? Can you feel the baby in your belly? Listen to your breath, feel it as your tummy rises and falls and be present with your little one. ⁣

Practicing mindfulness in whatever way you are comfortable with really does help prepare your transition in to parenthood.

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