We know how uplifting our favourite music is but have you ever thought of opting for a Sound Bath? Maybe you’ve experienced it before and you are a big fan like me or maybe you’ve heard of it but not got round to experiencing it or you have no idea what on earth it is I’m raving on about!⁣

Well, a Sound Bath or a Gong Bath is a form of therapy that has been used for healing for centuries. Even Pythagoras used to call it ‘Musical Medicine’ it’s that powerful! It’s ideal for people who are not into traditional Yoga or Meditation.⁣

Science has proved that everything in the universe including ourselves is vibrating at different frequencies. We are all energy, all connected and in every cell in our bodies there’s a vibration. Sound Baths involves laying down on the floor on a mat while you listen to someone tap on a gong or they could use a Tibetan singing bowl, crystal singing bowl, a tuning fork, chimes, a rattle or even the human voice can be used. ⁣

It’s all about the vibration

⁣The vibrations from these percussions envelope the whole body and realigns it if it’s out of sync. The main culprit of feeling out of alignment is stress and anxiety. It’s so easy to slip into a negative mindset because of what’s happening out there that’s why it’s so important to make sure you take an hour out of your day and rest properly so you strengthen you mind, body and rejuvenate your spirit.

So what happens during a Sound Bath?

During a Sound Bath, you’ll be taken on a meditative journey as the various sounds envelopes your body and enters in to a deep state of relaxation. The brain waves shift into an Alpha State which are the brain wave frequencies which are associated with the meditative, clear and very peaceful state of mind. These frequencies help reduce stress, anxiety, insomnia and realign the chakras. It’s also very good for people who are suffering with trauma or chronic pain. ⁣

This type of therapy can bring up highly intense feelings/emotions for some people to the surface. It can lead to tears or laughter or even both. ⁣

You can book in for a group session with a Sound Practitioner or you can create your own Sound Bath at home. You can download things like Tibetan Bowl, or Gong Music, Crystal Singing Bowl Music or whichever type of music that you are drawn to or you can seek out a professional percussionist that is qualified to carry out sound baths online.⁣

Grab your yoga mat or a blanket or you could lay on a rug, Make yourself comfy, put in some comfy clothes, make sure you are warm, grab a blanket to put round you if it’s a bit chilly add some cushions, pillows if you wish. ⁣

You can burn a scented candle, burn some sage or Palo Santo to clear your space or you could diffuse some essential oils like Lavender or Chamomile to help you relax.⁣

Wear headphones and plug into your device or plug into your speakers as the sound quality is better and you won’t get distracted from external noises. Have an open heart and mind and the willingness to receive the healing. ⁣

Start taking a few deep breaths down into your belly. Inhale and think what you wish to bring into your life then exhale to let go. Set your intentions. Trust you are safe to fully relax and let go, close your eyes and drift away.⁣

Everybody’s experience is different but if you feel yourself getting distracted by thoughts, just acknowledge it and let it go but if you find that emotions are coming up for you, feel it, sit with it and when you are ready let it go.⁣

Very beneficial if you do this 1-2 times a month to keep you uplifted and aligned.

Sound Baths & Pregnancy

Incorporating sound baths during your pregnancy can be a very powerful way to connect with your baby and it’s an amazing tool to have during childbirth. It removes worry, fear and prepares you for parenthood.⁣

Take your time after a session and soak up the serenity of it all. Don’t rush off and force yourself to do anything that you have to focus on, have a nice cup of tea instead. Just be in the now.

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