Everybody loves the sunshine but how do you cope with hot sunny days and being pregnant? Especially when it’s a heatwave we’re currently experiencing here in the UK?

Hot weather affects pregnant women more as you’re more vulnerable to dehydration, dizzy spells and low blood pressure and feeling uncomfortable due to your body temperature being slightly raised.  Looking after yourself and your baby during the summer is very important so here are some tips on how to stay healthy and comfortable during the sunny weather.

Wear loose fitting light clothing made out of natural fibres and opt for lighter shades to reflect the heat and help you keep cool.

Keep your water bottle topped up with plenty of water.  You could add some chopped fruits to it or you could opt for organic coconut water which is excellent during your pregnancy journey and any other uncaffinated drinks as dehydration impacts both yours and your baby’s health.

Eat foods that won’t raise your body temperature e.g simple carbohydrates and try snacking regularly to avoid eating large portions at meal times and opt for foods such as fruit, salads, avocado, sweet potatoes, chickpeas and other pulses.

Stay in the shade as much as possible and use a good high protection sunscreen as some women can experience darker patches of skin during pregnancy.

Invest in an organic hydration mist for your face and body for times when the heat comes a bit too much to help you feel fresh and clean.

If you experience hot swollen hands and feet make sure you get plenty of rest with your feet elevated.  Putting your feet in a cold foot bath will also help you to soothe and cool them and if possible, get your partner, a family member or a friend for a hand or a foot massage with a favourite carrier oil or moisturiser.

Regular pregnancy massages are very deeply relaxing and a really wonderful way to nurture yourself.  It’s also supports your emotional and physiological well-being for both Mum and baby and help you have an acceptance with the changes that are occurring with your body and make you more aware of the changes brought about through massage as common pregnancy related discomforts are reduced through regular treatment.  Pregnant women experience a lot of benefits from massage because their bodies are changing which puts stress on certain areas such as the neck, back, shoulders and abdominal area.

Massage gives special attention to mum-to-be, preparing your body for labour and nurtures the new life that is growing inside you.

Studies have shown that women who regularly receive massage throughout their pregnancy tend to have shorter labours with fewer complications.  Studies have also shown that women who received massage twice a week before delivery had lower stress levels which reduced the risk of premature delivery and postnatal depression.

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