We all know that stress, smoking, diet, our environment can be the cause of infertility and sometimes can be overlooked when considering the causes of infertility but did you know piercings and tattoos can cause infertility and health problems too?

Piercings and tattoos go way back to ancient times.  It’s a way of expressing ourselves, our style but have you ever considered the effects that piercings and tattoos have on the body? Navel piercings look really cool but did you know it’s not healthy or safe? Why? Well, problems can occur because the piercing (or any piercing on the body if placed on a meridian point ) creates a semi-permanent obstruction in a very important energy channel known as the Conception Vessel which runs between the legs, up the front of the body, ending below the mouth.  The piercing creates a physical blockage to the flow of this channel and creates a constant interruption in the energetic field also known as the aura or subtle body.  This channel is very important channel in the energetics of the reproductive system and if obstructed it can wreak havoc with your reproductive system.  It can cause reproductive issues such as

Amenorrhea (no periods)

Dysmenorrhea (period pain)

Heavy Periods

Irregular Periods



Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)

Uterine Fibroids

Cancer of the Cervix

Some people seem ok with piercings but later on in life experience health problems so if you’re wearing one and hope to start having a family – maybe it’s time to take it out?

The Meridians

Meridians are the energetic pathways in the human body that  allows the Qi (chi)  to flow and circulate throughout the body. There are 14 meridian main points within the body.  The one I described earlier that relates to the reproduction system, there’s is another one that runs along the spine and the other 12 run from head to toe along the rest of the body that correspond to the main organs of the body. Along side the main meridians there are other meridians called ‘Extraordinary Meridians’ which are not related to the main organs but act as a channels for the Qi and blood.  They help circulate substances around the body, as they are connected to the kidneys.  When the Qi flows freely through the body, it remains healthy but due to modern living and stress & anxiety, these meridians can become clogged or stagnant.  When a blockage occurs along these meridians, this is when illness starts to develop.

All Tattooed Up

Tattoos are very creative, eye catching fashion statement.  The last thing people think about when getting inked is how toxic tattoo ink really is.  In ancient times they used to use soot from burnt wood and ground up ash to create black ink but things have drastically changed since then.  Tattoo ink isn’t regulated and the UK Gov is investigating the health risks posed by tattoo ink after the EU introduced a ban on a range of substances used in pigments on the grounds they are hazardous.  Some certain chemicals are linked to cancer, reproduction issues and skin irritation which are contained in mixtures for tattoo inks and permanent make-up.  Since UK left the EU, the investigation is still ongoing.

As we know, there are toxins in our food, our environment, our water but remember that the skin is the largest organ and our first line of defence so we must be mindful how we treat it. Tattoo ink seeps into the skin but it also gets absorbed throughout the body.  Research has also found that tattoo ink has carcinogen particles that can cause nerve damage and toxic effects on the brain, develop allergies, cause liver malfunction, and affect the health of bones and the reproductive system, endocrine disruption.

Animal products can also be found in the ink as well. That’s right, not all inks are vegan friendly. Bone char is used to give black ink a darker pigmentation and animal fat like gelatin which is used as a binding agent from boiled hooves and shellac  from beetles are used too.  Tattoo ink also contain heavy metals such as sulphur, mercury, titanium, nickel, iron, copper, arsenic, calcium, cobalt, lead, cadmium, chromium.

There are alternative inks that are available but not all are vegan friendly and there’s still a risk and you may find yourself reacting to it.  Some people still have reactions to natural organic healthy food which boils down to your immune system and there still a risk for bacterial contamination too.

So, if you decide that you would like to start a family in the future, think about the effects these fashion statements can have on your health and overall well-being.

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