MS affects around 110,000 people here in the UK with 5,200 cases being diagnosed every year. It’s an autoimmune disease which means the body attacks and damages its own tissues. It specifically attacks and damaged the Central Nervous system which causes symptoms like fatigue, vision problems, pain and depression. ⁣

Unfortunately, there is no cure and medics still don’t know why it occurs but patients do manage symptoms.⁣

Massage Therapy

⁣Can Massage Therapy help MS? Absolutely! In addition to the many medications that help manage this disease, it’s safe and effective. It helps relieve common symptoms like muscle spasms, pain, poor circulation and pressure sores. Massage can also relax the muscles, increase blood flow and provide pain relief. ⁣

I’ve spoken in the past about the important role that massage has in reducing pain and managing stress. It stimulates the release of endorphins, increases tissue metabolism and relieves physical pain and relaxes the body and mind which in turn reduces stress.⁣

Essential Oils

Using essential oils like Frankincense which has anti-inflammatory and relaxing properties and Helicrysum that supports the neurological system. Basil and Cypress essential oils may also relieve joint or muscle discomfort by improving circulation and muscle function.

Family Planning

Having MS shouldn’t put you off starting a family it doesn’t affect your fertility or make your MS any worse. In fact, pregnancy somehow has a positive protective influence and relapes are reduced especially during the third trimester. Doctors don’t know the reason for this but it is said hormones play a role. Even though relapses are reduced other MS symptoms can be affected such as fatigue, balance, back pain, bladder problems and bowl trouble.⁣

Having MS will not have an effect on your pregnancy, labour or giving birth.  Several studies have shown that expectant Mums with MS are just as likely to have healthy pregnancies and babies and there’s no increased risk of ectopic pregnancies, miscarriages, premature births, still-births or any abnormalities. Having MS doesn’t mean you have to have a caesarean and both epidurals and anaesthetics for caesarean births are safe for people who have MS . ⁣

Careful planning with your family and your Doctor is very important. A MS Nurse will contact your Midwife to ensure the right pregnancy care plan is in place.

Vitamin B12

Did you know a deficiency in Vitamin B12 can cause Multiple Sclerosis type symptoms such as fatigue, mental confusion, blurred vision, irritability, changes in the way you walk and move around, depression, numbness and tingling in the hands and feet? It also results in anaemia and weight gain too. ⁣

For people who have Multiple Sclerosis with normal levels of B12 there’s no evidence that Vitamin B12 supplements improves neurological symptoms or improves the disease.

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