Do you suffer with Eczema? Is it holding you back from getting a massage? ⁣

I totally get it as I used to suffer badly with eczema. I used to have it all around my neck, in my scalp, in the joints/creases of my arms and the back of my knees when I was younger. I was very conscious of it as I was always scratching and felt embarrassed because of the way my skin looked. Some of children at school used to think I was dirty and had some nasty disease. It wasn’t easy growing up. It wasn’t until I took my health seriously in my early 40’s and started to look into eating more healthy and completely changed my diet to plant based that my skin totally cleared up and I’ve not looked back since.⁣

So I understand you may be reluctant to go for a massage and you think it’s not an option for you as you don’t want anyone touching your skin never mind getting a massage, but massage is the very thing that can help your condition and can benefit both your body and mind. If your condition is holding you back, you shouldn’t let it. Eczema isn’t contagious plus the benefits of massage make it well worth it. Beyond total relaxation and the reduction of muscle pain and tension, a massage can do a lot of good for mind, body and spirit. ⁣

Reduces Stress & Anxiety

⁣Many people get stressed induced eczema flares so the best way to treat this is to treat yourself to a massage. Not only is it so relaxing but you’ll give yourself 60 mins of doing nothing which some people don’t give themselves time to do and always rushing about like their arse is on fire. Always be gentle with yourself especially since we’ve all been through such a lot these past two years with Covid and restrictions etc you need to learn to relax and give yourself some quality time out.

Massage Therapy can moisturise the skin

Eczema isn’t a contraindication so for most massage treatments, you’ll be lathered in oil which will soak in the skin as your treatment is being carried out. This allows your skin time to breathe and moisturise. If you opt for aromatherapy, essential oils like chamomile. Lavender or sandalwood essential oils help ease itching and are very good to use as compress to use at home. Carrier oils such as sunflower oil which is packed with vitamin E and Omega 6 helps repair the skin and it’s easily absorbed and really hydrates the skin. Omega 6 helps decrease skin inflammation and generate new skin cells. Coconut oil and Calendula macerated oil are also good choices. If you are worried about oils causing flare ups, then just voice your concerns in your consultation.

Feeling Uncomfortable

I know how uncomfortable eczema is from feeling terribly itchy and feeling hot, it’s not easy feeling the sense of ease in your skin. Post massage offers you time to bask in the comfort of soft skin and a relaxed mind.

Here are a few tips on how to manage your eczema when going for a massage

Before Massage⁣

You can bring your own oil (that has been patched tested) like I mentioned before. I use Sunflower, Coconut or Calendula as these oils are very nourishing and very soothing for eczema troubled skin. Be open about your skin and explain that you have eczema and show the affected areas and specify whether the area should be avoided or can be touched.⁣

During Massage⁣

Keep your body at a comfortable temperature during treatment and don’t over heat and get sweaty as heat is something that triggers a flare up and just ask to be covered in light blankets. ⁣

After Massage⁣

As I always say to all my clients keep hydrated. When you receive a massage, your body has been cleansed of toxins so to help the lymph system effectively rid the body of waste, keep drinking plenty of water, eat something light instead of a heavy meal in the evening, avoid alcohol, caffeine and fizzy drinks and drink herbal teas.⁣

Let the oils do their magic and don’t shower until the next morning.

Massage for eczema isn’t supposed to be stressful, so I hope this post leaves you feeling more at ease if you are thinking of opting for a massage. If you feel you are not ready to strip off and be half naked and covered in oil, reflexology is a wonderful alternative as it’s non-invasive and so relaxing. Reflexology is such a powerful treatment that has been used to assist healing and relief of eczema as it relieves stress, increase blood flow, clears blockages and removes waste which in turn creates healthy skin.

Essential Oils for treating Eczema

Organic Camomile, Lavender and Sandalwood Essential Oils have been effective for treating eczema. Chamomile is anti-inflammatory and soothing and calms itchy and inflamed skin. Sandalwood and Lavender are very soothing and very effective on dry, itchy skin. ⁣

Apply this compress to affected areas to help balance and soothe skin.

1 tsp Sunflower Oil
1 drop of Chamomile Essential Oil
3 drops Lavender Oil
3 Sandalwood Essential Oil

Fill a bowl with cold water. Add the essential oils to the base oil then add to the water

Soak a flannel in the bowl, the squeeze out the excess water.

Place the compress on the affected area. Leave the flannel in place while it reaches body temperature. Repeat x 3

If you are taking/using any medication. Please consult your Doctor before decide to use these oils.

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