Most of us are aware that lower back pain is a widespread issue here in the UK and one of the top causes why people are off sick from work. Lower back pain can occur from sports injuries, physical labour, accidents, sedentary life styles and high stress office jobs can create pain in the lower back and the pain can be debilitating.⁣

Lower back pain or Lumber pain can occur in the vertebrae, discs, ligaments, tendons and nerves of the lower back region and all of them enable us to have healthy, comfortable movement. Damage to one or more of these areas can cause temporary or persistent chronic pain.⁣

The spine like the rest of our bones will slowly degenerate with age and wear and tear. This can cause problems in the lower back region like Arthritis, Degenerative Disc Disease or physical injuries like sprains, strains, ruptured discs, radiculopathy.

Sciatica is irritation or compression of the sciatic nerve. It’s the longest, largest nerve in the body. Running from the lower back, to the buttocks down the legs and into the feet. Lower back pain that comes from compression of the spinal root nerve can be especially painful. This is because isn’t centralised at the place of origin, but it travels down the leg. As a result if affects the lower back and causes pain in the leg that the damage nerve runs down. This is referred as “a pinched nerve” causing sharp pain or numbness depending on how severe it is. ⁣

Numerous studies have shown that Massage Therapy is an effective way to start the healing process for lower back pain by relaxing the muscles and reducing tension especially in the Piriformis muscle. It improves blood circulation which increases the range of movement. It also releases vital endorphins need to keep our bodies healthy. ⁣

Deep tissue and Swedish Body massage releases the tension in pulled muscles and can treat Sciatica, Piriformis Syndrome or other pinched nerve pains by relaxing the surrounding muscles contributing to the compression of the nerve. ⁣

If the pain is too severe, then Reflexology is ideal to effectively treat the pain and relieve the compression or irritation on the sciatic nerve.

For alternative Pain relief for Sciatica you can use the following essential oils:

Marjoram – Has a warning effect and soothes the area you apply it to. It eases pain and relieves inflammation. ⁣

Eucalyptus – Eucalyptus is used in a lot of over the counter pain relief. It’s anti-inflammatory and has a natural warming ability which soothes pain. It also contains a natural painkiller which works as natural pain relief.⁣

Lavender – Lavender also contains painkilling qualities and anti-inflammatory properties. Lavender also has the added benefit of helping you sleep soundly and reduces anxiety.⁣

Peppermint – Peppermint oil not only has a great scent it can also help ease sciatic pain. Like so many of the other popular pain relieving oils, peppermint has a natural pain killer and also has anti-inflammatory properties.⁣

Rosemary – Whilst Rosemary may make you think of a good roast dinner, it can be used to reduced sciatic pain. It has so many uses and it too has painkilling properties. It’s an excellent oil for general aches and pains.⁣

Pain from your sciatic nerve can seem impossible to deal with but these oils along with 4-6 weeks of Deep Tissue or Swedish Massage will help reduce the pain and help with managing the symptoms.

If on medication, please consult your Doctor before using any essential oils.

These oils not suitable during pregnancy or if you are breastfeeding.

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