Prenatal Massage or Pregnancy Massage is surrounded by a few misconceptions, old wife’s tales and myths for example it can cause a miscarriage. The truth is the abdominal work would have to be very deep and rough to dislodge the placenta and a professional therapist would never carry out treatment on a pregnant client in this manner.

There’s also controversy amongst some therapist saying that it’s safe to carry out treatment in the first trimester but I disagree and would exercise caution reason being the risk of miscarriage is much higher during the first trimester than any other time if it is carried out improperly, the potential of miscarriage is very real and in some countries it is used for exactly that purpose. The second reason is most women suffer with morning sickness so waiting till the sickness subsides is the best option.

Pregnancy massage is deeply relaxing and a wonderful way to nurture yourself.  It is also great for emotional and physiological well-being for both Mum and baby. The day a woman learns she is pregnant, her life changes and she is often swept away on a wave of conflicting feelings.  The emotional ups and downs are completely normal.

Receiving regular massage will help expectant mum have greater acceptance with the changes that are occurring within her body and making her more aware of the changes brought about through massage as common pregnancy related discomforts are reduced through regular treatment.  Pregnant women experience a lot of benefits from massage because their bodies are changing which puts stress on certain areas like the neck, back, shoulders and the abdominal area.

A fully qualified pregnancy massage therapist will be able to offer a massage that will melt away those aches, pains and stresses which can develop during pregnancy ensuring the muscles are relaxed and you are comfortable throughout the treatment.

Massage gives special attention to Mum-to-be, preparing her body for labour and nurtures the new life that is growing inside her.  Studies have shown that regular

Pregnancy massage can

Reduce back pain and ease general aches and pains

Encourage better sleep

Reduced blood pressure

Lower stress

Reduce fluid retention

Improve blood circulation

Improve fetal nourishment

Helps improve mood

Reduces anxiety

Enhances health

Nourishes the skin making it glow with health

Boost energy levels

Calms the body and mind

Studies have shown that women who regularly receive massage throughout their pregnancy tend to have shorter labours with fewer complications.  Studies have also shown that women who received massage twice a week before delivery had lower levels of stress hormones, which reduced the risk of premature delivery and postnatal depression.

If you are considering having a pregnancy massage you should consult your midwife or doctor before having treatment and check they are happy for you to go ahead.  You should also avoid having treatment if your midwife or doctor has advised against it, or if you’re experiencing sickness or headaches or you have a high risk of premature labour.

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