It’s so easy to get caught up in doing and not being, as we are constantly on the go.  Some clients I treat seem to be so exhausted, they don’t know how to relax and tell me that they don’t want to go to sleep as they’ll miss the massage but that’s the whole point of treatment for you to switch off and just be and if it means sleeping during the treatment, well that’s a really good sign that you’ve accomplished what you came for.

Tiredness leads to decreased stamina and energy which can make life more challenging.  Massage Therapy can help increase energy to ease aches and pains from your physical body, energy work such as Indian Head Massage will help stabilise your hormones, calm your mind and realign the body even though I’m just working on the back, neck & shoulders, head, arms & pressure points on the face your whole body will benefit from it.  It’s an amazing treatment.

Here are 3 Ways Massage Therapy can help with your energy levels and increase your stamina

Increases Circulation

People who suffer with chronic fatigue, often have poor circulation. This could also be down to their diet and not taking enough Vitamin B12 resulting in your body’s cells not to function properly which impairs oxygen delivery.  Without enough red blood cells it makes a person feel really tired.  Oxygen is key when it comes to energy and stamina.  Massage therapy stimulates the body and supports blood flow to increase oxygen levels through the whole body which can make you feel energised whilst feeling relaxed

Reduces Anxiety

Anxiety and Stress are two big culprits of modern living.  I get a lot of clients who come to see me who have really tight neck, back and shoulder problems as we tend to carry it a lot of emotion those areas.  Anxiety can cause pain because when we experience stress, we tend to tense up.  It can stop you from getting a good night’s rest as the mind is constantly racing.  Massage Therapy targets those areas where you carry the most tension which usually is the tops of your shoulders, shoulder blades, neck and the base of your skull.  It can also help with reducing anxiety as it releases serotonin and oxytocin the feel good hormones.  Energy work will help to calm your mind and assist the body to start healing itself.

A Good Night’s Sleep

Lack of sleep is another reason for tiredness and lack of stamina.  It’s not just about how much sleep you get every night but it’s also the quality of sleep too.  With all the stimulation from computers, tv and things like drinking coffee, alcohol and the stress and strains we carry it can be very hard to relax and let go.  Massage therapy and/or energy work can put you into a very relaxed state.  People tend not to realise how amazing you can and suppose to feel as they’re so used to feeling so tired.  It also helps to alleviate aches and pains form overworked muscles.  It can also improve the quality of sleep and make you fall asleep faster.  People who can relax at bedtime are less likely to toss and turn which leads to a better and restful night’s sleep.

How to achieve a better night’s sleep

Not to have electronics in your bedroom and try not to get into the habit of engaging in any electronics just before you go to bed as this will just stimulate the mind.

Enjoy a soothing warm bath before going to bed; why not try adding some Epsom salts mixed with your favourite essential oil? Make sure you mix essential oil with carrier oil before adding it to your bath water.

You could give your feet a 15 minute rub with your favourite essential oil mixed with a carrier oil before going to bed as it is said in reflexology if you treat the feet, you treat the whole body.

Diffusing Essential Oils before going to sleep

Try any of the following oils to promote a restful sleep:-

Lavender –  A popular choice as it’s so versatile to induce sleep and relaxation

Ylang Ylang – Helps lower blood pressure and heart rate which naturally helps you to get a good night’s rest

Chamomile – Has very soothing effects, very calming and relaxing effect on the mind

Peppermint – Helps clear a restless mind good for seasonal allergies too

Bergamot – Good for insomnia, reduces blood pressure and heart rate and prepares you for sleep

Sandalwood – Promotes deep restful sleep as it balances the mood

Cedarwood – Eases stress.   Can be mixed with chamomile for more effect.

Marjoram – Very soothing mentally and physically and can put you in a deep sleep

Clary Sage – Good for depression will soothe a troubled mind enough to help you drift into restful slumber

Vetiver – Has an acquired aroma but it really helps to slow the mind down into a relaxed state

Create a sleep blend and diffuse it in your bedroom before you go to bed.  Here are some blends you could try:-

Blend 1

5 drops of Lavender

4drops of Bergamot

4 drops of Clary Sage

Blend 2

6 drops of Clary Sage

6 drops of Frankincense

1 drops of Sandalwood

1 drops of Lavender

Blend 3

3 drops of Chamomile

3 drops of Lavender

3 drops of Geranium

Sweet Dreams!

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