So we all know eating healthy, working out and drinking plenty of water are good for you whether you are pregnant or not. So in this blog,  I’d like to share with you six simple habits that you can incorporate in your 1st Trimester that will help support you and your baby’s health throughout your pregnancy journey.⁣

Try them and you’re likely to have fewer aches, pains, less stress and lots more energy.⁣

Get more R & R!⁣

Pregnancy is seriously hard work as your body is developing a life support system for your little one and it will put a lot of demands in your body. So is it any wonder women in their first trimester feel seriously zapped of energy? So making sure you get enough rest is crucial. More rest helps curb nausea in early pregnancy and helps reduce back pain, lowers blood pressure, eases headaches and helps you get a good night rest. So always listen to your body and make a point of slowing down during mid morning or for 40 mins in the late afternoon. Never overexert yourself and if needs be just delegate and get your partner or a relative to run errands for you so you can take time out and have a nap, or soak in a bath, read or catch up with some box sets.⁣

Floss Everyday⁣

You not into flossing? Well, can I suggest you pick it up as soon as possible reason being pregnancy hormones make your mouth more susceptible to plaque and bacteria, which can lead to inflamed and bleeding gums. Flossing and brushing helps prevent gingivitis and periodontitis a more serious gum disease that can heighten the risk of premature labour and preeclampsia. For healthy gums, floss once a day (and of course brush twice) ⁣

Smart Snacking⁣

Eating well is essential but what you eat in between is important too so get into the habit of stashing nutritious snacks in all sorts of places in your cupboards, fridge, car and handbag. That way you’ll be less tempted to eat rubbish when the hunger pangs hit . Watch out for those snacks that say they are healthy but have hidden salt and sugar always read the labels. Snacks with the most staying power are carb and protein combos as they keep the blood sugar stable and avoid sugar highs and lows and stop cravings. ⁣

Healthier Drinks⁣

Cutting back in cans of sugary carbonated drinks and caffeine is a good move as caffeine and sugar can act as duretics, washing out important nutrients like calcium before your body has a chance to absorb the natural goodness. The safest drink is of course water plain or sparkling. You could make it more interesting by adding some slices of Orange, lemon or lime or better still opt for some herbal teas like ginger, raspberry leaf tea but just drink —2 cups a day and try not to drink the same tea every day. Coconut Water is a great thirst quencher and has so many benefits. ⁣

Take it down a notch⁣

The quickest way to get stressed out is when you have far too much on your to do list. Decide what is priority and what can wait or don’t have to really do. Only answer essential emails on a daily basis the rest can wait. Find time each week to treat yourself to something nice or whatever makes you feel relaxed that will give you something to look forward to as well as time to chill out.⁣

Get into the water⁣

Swimming is so beneficial during pregnancy. The bigger your belly grows the harder it will be to exercise, so consider a water workout whether it’s doing laps or taking part in Aqua aerobics as it helps to relieve aches and pains especially in your third trimester. It improves circulation improve your muscle tone and strengthens your endurance. No matter how big you get, you’ll feel weightless in the water.

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