A lady that I’m acquainted with through a group I attend from time to time asked me one evening if massage was really that beneficial for Fibromyalgia as she has been suffering with it for some time. She wasn’t convinced that it was as she went on to tell me she’s heard it made people symptoms worse. Even though I provided her with facts, she still wasn’t convinced that it works and I was selling people snake oil. ⁣

What she failed to grasp was that with some people their symptoms will get worse before it gets better as the body starts to heal through regular treatments . I could sense she wasn’t ready to experience any wholistic therapy to help as she relied heavily on medication to help her relieve her pain which is fine and entirely her choice . I’m not going to lie, her attitude upset me a little as she’s never experienced massage before she was ready to prove me wrong but I stood my ground and advised her how massage therapy could help her symptoms.⁣

Fibromyalgia causes pain all over the body and extreme tiredness and symptoms can vary depending on the individual . There’s no cure for this condition but it can be bought on by trauma and stress.⁣

Main signs are:⁣

Fatigue ⁣
Lack of Energy⁣
Lack of Sleep⁣
Anxiety ⁣
Lack of Concentration (Fibro Fog)⁣
Muscle Twitches/Cramp⁣
Numbness ⁣
Tingling in hands and feet⁣

Massage Therapy is one the best treatments for Fibromyalgia sufferers as it decreases stress hormones and increases serotonin levels, help to relax the body, improve sleep so the body can repair itself and improves all over sense of well-being.⁣

Once the body reaches equilibrium after a good nights rest, it can help bring about mental and physical energy and address challenges throughout the next day. ⁣

Best massage type for Fibromyalgia:⁣

Swedish Body Massage⁣
Deep Tissue Massage⁣
Reflexology ⁣

Healing is a process so depending on the severity of a person’s condition, I would recommend the best plan to support their well-being and also suggest to help support their health and well-being between treatments . ⁣

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