A question I’ve been asked several times by people who are sceptical  with regards to these semi-precious stones thinking they’re some sort of New Age nonsense. What they don’t realise is that these little gems have been used for millennia by Wise Women and Shamans . ⁣

The first time I ever saw crystals up close and personal was at the Natural History Museum London on a school trip. I was 16 years old. Massive geodes of Amethyst and other beautiful stones were displayed in Perspex boxes and I was totally captivated by them.⁣ My eyes were like saucers mesmerised by their natural beauty.

The first crystal I ever brought was this little Hematite  shown above. An old friend from school and I were on a day trip at Tate Modern and we stumbled across the gift shop that was within the building. They had a collection of crystals so naturally I went over to investigate. My friend thought I was absolutely bonkers being taken in by such rubbish. I on the other hand couldn’t  of cared less what she thought! ⁣

Hematite is a very grounding stone, protective and very healing something I found out when I looked it up and it was something I needed support with as I was going through a lot of disappointment and changes. Ancient Greeks were totally obsessed with this beautiful stone and named it Haima which means blood in Latin. It has very high iron content and has been associated with magic and blood. It was used to prevent excessive bleeding in childbirth and the battle ground. In Egypt it adorned the tombs of the Pharaohs. Native Americans used ground down hematite as war paint. Grounded hematite was also used by artist and prehistoric man to etch his findings on walls. ⁣
I use this stone to keep myself grounded and protected from negative energy whilst I’m working on my clients. ⁣

So how do crystals work?

⁣There are many explanations, mystical, magical, scientific and pseudo-scientific for the healing effect of crystals. Some time ago, people here in the West tried to give a physical explanation for crystal healing, but now we know crystals work through our energy system – the chakras and the aura and not through the physical body. By their influence on the energy system, crystals can effect healing within the physical body. It has been reported through history and science and their healing ability has very clear evidence that they really do work. ⁣

Scientific Evidence

Do you know without crystals we’d have no rockets, guidance systems, lunar landers or Mars Rovers? Even though science hasn’t proved direct effect of crystals on any disease or condition, it has shown that crystals do vibrate and exhibit piezoelectric and pyroelectric effects. Crystals have also been shown to hold both heat and electricity and focus light energy. These special properties of crystals have many practical applications from quartz crystals in watches to the development of lasers – they can even store data which is seen in five dimensional quartz crystal computer chips.⁣

Crystals enhance the placebo effect. This always happens in any type of healing process, including prescribing pharmaceutical drugs. The explanation that crystals work by magic also has some validity as we forget how powerful we are and can talk and think things into existence and also can heal ourselves. ⁣

The scientific research into the properties of crystals has shown what Crystal Therapists and Energy Healers have always known that crystals increase the frequency of light passed through ⁣them. Crystals channel energy. They can focus, store, transmit and transmute this energy and can be used for beneficial healing and energising effects.⁣

I did an online course last year about the benefits of crystal healing and in one of the exercises, I had to do crystal healing on myself with stones that relate to the chakras and I’m not kidding, I felt so good afterwards I felt such calm and focused and felt the effects of the healing energies days later. The thing is with crystal therapy, you can’t force it. If you don’t feel up to receiving healing that’s fine just be open to receive it when you feel you need it. Crystals help speed up the natural process and bring about change improving your physical, mental and emotional well-being. They can’t however do something that you or your body can’t do but can speed things up that would happen anyway. ⁣

Mental, emotional and spiritual development

As well as speeding up physical healing, crystals can speed up other processes involving mental health, emotional release, and spiritual development or awakening. All crystals will quicken these processes, particularly the ones you are drawn to will accelerate your growth rapidly. Simply sitting quietly for 10 mins will centre you and help you still your mind. Crystals can help you become open to new possibilities and this is when amazing changes start to magically happen in your life. ⁣

Choosing Crystals

When you choose a crystal, there will be some that attract you. They may be pretty, sparkly or interesting or you may find the ones you keep going back to. Having selected the crystal you are drawn to, you may discover that they are the right choice in terms of how they can help you or someone close to you. If you are choosing a crystal for someone else, think about the person or it’s purpose as you make your selection or repeat their name in your mind. Be open. Crystals will choose you. ⁣

Cleansing your crystals

⁣Crystals need to be cleansed as they absorb energy from you, other people, and their environment . They can also become dusty and lackluster. You can see when a crystal needs cleansing as they lose their sparkle, brightness or their colour and can feel sticky when you touch them. ⁣Crystals naturally pick up energy from their environment they live in. Here are some traditional ways of cleansing crystals:⁣

Running Water – Hold your crystal under running wayer for a few minutes or a little longer if it hasn’t been cleansed for a long time. Bear in mind that some crystals are soluble in water. Hematite can rust in water due to it’s high iron content. ⁣

Sunlight – Leave your crystals in sunlight. You can dry them in the sun after washing them but be aware that quartz crystals especially crystal balls will focus the sun’s rays and cause a fire. Don’t leave them unattended in the sun for any length of time and don’t place them near flammable objects.⁣ Be aware that some crystals fade in the sun.

Moonlight – Leave your crystals in the moonlight in the light of the full or new moon.⁣

Incense – Sandalwood, Frankincense, Sage smoke just waft over your crystal. Or use a smudge stick or Palo Santo⁣

Earth – Bury your crystals in their natural habitat and leave them for a week or two. Can bury when the moon is full and unearth them at new moon but make sure you remember where you buried them. ⁣

Sound – You can clear your crystals by chanting or drumming or use Tibetan bells or cymbals⁣

Breath or Light – You can breathe on your crystal or expose them to light. You can even practice reiki on them too.⁣

Removing dust

Dusty crystals e.g. Geodes won’t work as effectively and dust also blocks light. To remove dust just lightly dust with a small brush. It could be a makeup brush or a small paint brush. Do this regularly to avoid build up. ⁣

Crystals in your environment

⁣Crystals work whenever you’re around them. You don’t need to do anything to benefit from them. They help your home and it’s atmosphere. Just simply display them at home or wherever they can be seen, at work on your desk to enhance your life and give you a sense of well-being. The presence of crystals in an environment can also have a healing effect on your pets and houseplants.⁣

Crystal Tips

You can place your crystals in your environment to achieve anything from better relationships and communication to softer water quality. All you need to do is display them safely where they won’t be disturbed, and out of reach of babies and small children. Keep them dust free and cleanse regularly. ⁣

Energy & Balance

Amethyst and quartz crystal clusters will energise the room they’re in. Everyone will feel more relaxed and at home. Place one in your living room or any communal area⁣

Keeping Unwanted Visitors at Bay⁣

Cerussite can help remove pests such as rats, mice and cockroaches. Wash affected areas with a cerussite elixir.

Your Work Environment

Common Opal is renowned for creating a better working environment. It’s a great crystal to have around you while working in your home office and study areas, or on your desk at work. ⁣

Happy Partnerships

A large piece of Chrysocolla or Rose Quartz when placed in the home can help revitalise a lack-luster relationship.⁣

Better Atmosphere

Green Fluorite constantly removes negativity from a room and cleanses the atmosphere. Display this crystal wherever you have lots of people contact, very good for dispelling a tense atmosphere after an argument.⁣

Feeling Contentment

Moonstone creates a happy home and Onyx brings happiness into your home so place liberally around your spaces.

Credit: So how do crystals work? : The Crystal Healer by Philip Permutt.

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