I notice here in the UK, most people tend to wear dark colours. I must admit, I do like wearing black as it’s considered classy and it’s slimming. There’s nothing wrong with wearing this colour as it happens it’s a very grounding and protecting which makes sense seeing I was uprooted from my home nearly 4 years ago now so I’m not surprised I wore this colour a lot back then. ⁣

Black is the only colour that has no colour and it’s associated with the root chakra. It’s also associated with security. Very good to wear you’re not sure about yourself and have low self-esteem but not very good if you suffer with depression or wearing this colour slot in general as it’s can be very draining. ⁣

So, in future, I’m going to try and wear more colours to help balance certain chakras and for my overall health well-being as part of my self-care routine. ⁣

Colour Therapy or Chromotherapy isn’t new it’s been around for centuries. Colour Therapy was practiced in Ancient Egypt, Greece, China and India. The Egyptians used sunlight as well as colour for healing and used primary colours like Red, Blue and Yellow for healing. Especially Blue (Irtyu) as it was associated with the heavens, the universe, water (The Nile), rebirth and the power of creation. They also depicted the God Amun with a blue face. They even built healing temples and also used crystals so the sunlight could shine through them to heal patients. China used this therapy through Feng Shui and India practised Colour Therapy through Ayurvedic Medicine. ⁣

Hippocrates and Pythagoras talked about Colour Healing. Infact, Pythagoras was well known for curing diseases using colours, music and poetry. Native American healers used Colour Healing for relieving physical and psychological issues. They also practiced various spiritual rituals that used colours. So for me, it makes a whole lot of sense to try and incorporate more colourful clothes, accessories around the home and wardrobe to enhance my health and well-being. Also it has been scientifically proven that certain colours have a major effect on our well-being too. I think sometimes we tend to forget how powerful colours really are. ⁣

Colour is nothing but light and visible energy but it can reveal so much about a person’s innermost thoughts and feelings.⁣

Colour Healers and Therapists recommend specific colours to clients based in specific emotional issues like anger, hurt, depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, worthlessness, resentment etc. by getting their clients to wear specific colours and crystals that are known to ease/heal these pent up emotions, people have reported improved mood and lots more positivity.⁣

Certain colours actually affect different hormones and organs and these in turn encourages us to acknowledge our own power and wisdom within. People who wear certain colour clothes claim sharper awareness, more confidence as well as more energy.⁣

Colour Therapy is also recommended in yoga to help people develop complete mind/body awareness and mindfulness to live fully. I’ve started to invoke a purple candle to help connect to my inner self and open up my third eye. I dress it with a few drops of Clary Sage and a few drops of Jasmine it really helps me to connect, focus and be in the moment. It’s very effective. Cleansing your space with Sage or Rosemary or whatever you have  that helps uplift the spirit before you get on the mat is good too.

Here seven primary colours that relate to the chakras that can help lift your mood, make you feel rejuvenated, regain balance, get you feeling motivated, help you heal etc. ⁣

It’s so powerful it can have a profound healing effect on our health and well-being . ⁣

What colour are you drawn to? What colour and it’s energies do you think you need more of?⁣


Red is all about healing, stimulation, circulation and revitalisation of the mind, body and spirit. It also produces red blood cells, can help overcome inactivity and get you motivated. It’s spiritual meaning energy and power.⁣


Orange is very vitalising beautiful colour. It promotes sexual energy by helping the production of ovum and sperm. It can relieve congestion. This colour is very useful for maintaining the glow on the skin and stimulates courage, higher levels of mental energy. Its spiritual meaning is courage and attaining goals.⁣


Yellow is healing, cleansing and purifying colour. It stimulates understanding and intelligence and promotes cosmic awareness. Spiritual meaning is Personal Power, fulfilment, abundance, courage and self-confidence. ⁣


Green is connected with abundance and harmony. It helps balance the heart and help regulate blood pressure. It can help maintain body temperature and relieve headaches. Spiritually, it brings energy to the heart chakra and brings about love and healing. ⁣


Blue is very cooling that relives skin discolouration; cools and heals a heated body and alleviate skin disorders of the bile and fevers etc. It’s very sedative and brings calm, peace and quiet to the mind. Spiritually, blue brings about idealism and selflessness.


Violet is very uplifting and can help expand your mind and increase your intuition. It can soothe and sedate artistic temperament. Spiritually, it promotes insight, wisdom and enlightenment. ⁣


This colour allows you to withdraw into your inner self to obtain peace, quiet and freedom to stretch boundaries. Spiritually, it’s a source of intuition, clairvoyance, extra sensory perception, stimulates the sense organs e.g. eyes and ears⁣

So, here are the reasons why we all should be more mindful of the colours we surround ourselves with or wear and practice colour healing:⁣

💖 It installs a sense of calm and peace of mind and brings the mind, body spirit into harmony ⁣

💖 It channels energy flow and regulates your Chi or Prana⁣

💖 Colours can help heal aches and pains in joints to promote mobility⁣

💖 It can decrease stress hormones⁣

💖 Colours help unleash the mind’s full potential⁣

💖 Colour Healing improves focus, alertness, awareness and concentration⁣

💖 Colours can reduce anxiety and panic attacks⁣

💖 Colours can enhance productivity⁣

What’s your favourite colour?

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