From my previous posts, I guess you’ve realised I love a good cup of herbal tea as they provide so much health benefits for the body and mind. I wrote a few months ago about the chakras and how they affect our daily lives as these energy centres govern our core emotional and physical functions of our being.

So, I’d like to share with you a few different types of teas that can help balance your chakras and you can do this by just simply making it part of your daily routine. Some herbs have a strong connection to the chakras, which can influence, improve and bring about balance in the energetic body.

Root Chakra

Responsible for our feelings of being grounded, feeling secure, feelings of trust.

Signs of a blocked Root Chakra:

Feeling anxious, insecure and fearful

Herbal Tea:

Dandelion Root – It’s a very good detox herb it’s a diuretic and an help you purge of all impurities contained within the blood stream. It works directly with the root chakra organs such as the kidneys, liver, digestive tract gallbladder, immune system and our blood. It’s also safe for Expectant Mothers to drink as it’s a source of iron and works well if it’s taken along with alfalfa and nettle.

Ginger – Ginger Root Tea is great for nausea and indigestion. It also contains compounds that can help the body take up glucose which is good for type II diabetes sufferers. Energetically, it helps support emotional responses and helps you to set healthy boundaries. Good for morning sickness.

Elderflower – Elderflower Tea – Helps strengthen and kick-start the immune system.

Sacral Chakra

Represents our general well-being and emotions, sexual energy and libido

Signs of a blocked Sacral Chakra:

Lack of emotion or feelings of guilt, decreased libido or decreased sexual satisfaction

Herbal Tea:

Hibiscus Tea – it assists in releasing print up creative forces within the womb area and stimulates sexuality and passion.⁣

Calendula Tea – This herb heals the exact physical problems of the person. A powerful antioxidant renews the skin and removes harmful substances from the body. ⁣

Solar Plexus Chakra

Connected to our feelings of confidence, self-esteem and self-control

Signs of a blocked Solar Plexus Chakra:

Feeling of insecurity, lack of self-confidence, lack motivation

Herbal Tea:

Rosemary – Rosemary unblocks the energy deep in the solar plexus and awakens your personal power.⁣

Fennel – Gives you courage and brings this energy centre into balance. Helps support healthy digestion by alleviating gas and bloating.

Cinnamon – Cinnamon Tea is very warming and helps encourage self-acceptance and self-confidence. Clears trapped emotions from past trauma. It also helps a person to be honest and vulnerable and allowing them to open up and allowing true intimacy in relationships to unfold. ⁣⁣

Heart Chakra

Responsible for emotions such as love, joy and the ability to love ourselves and others.

Signs of a blocked Heart Chakra:

Issues with loving others or yourself, lack of empathy and feeling disconnected from others.

Herbal Tea:

Hawthorn – Helps the Heart Chakra to open up to give and receive love, heals heartache, encourages self-love and self-acceptance and helps develop courage.⁣
Rosebud Tea – Rose Tea opens your heart and attracts compassion, understanding, healing and love. ⁣

Jasmine – Balances the emotions, soothes anxiety and helps with apathy and depression.

Throat Chakra

Affects our ability to communicate and express ourselves

Signs of a blocked Throat Chakra:

Unable to express yourself, lack of confidence, difficulties thinking before you speak.

Herbal Tea:

Red Clover – Helps open the throat chakra and encourages you to speak your truth⁣

Lemon Balm – Capable of healing several ailments including thyroid issues⁣

Eucalyptus – Eucalyptus Tea – Stimulates the throat chakra and releases untruths ⁣

Third Eye Chakra

The Third Eye Chakra is the Chakra of Intuition, wisdom, our six sense seeing beyond the veil of illusions. ⁣

Signs of a blocked Third Eye Chakra:

Migraines, sinuses, seizures, poor vision, sciatica, forgetfulness struggle to concentrate, suffer with nightmares, finding it difficult to see the bigger picture, lack imagination or find it difficult to use your intuition.

Herbal Tea:

Mint – Mint can help with memory loss and depression. Helps us in developing a connection to our body and mind.⁣

Lemon – Boost your immune system, detoxifies, leaving you feeling balanced and focused.

Jasmine – Balances the emotions, soothes anxiety and helps with apathy and depression.

Crown Chakra

The Crown Chakra allows access to the upmost clarity and enlightened wisdom. The meeting point between the physical body, the universe and soul.

Signs of a blocked Crown Chakra:

Feel indecisive or feel that your life has no purpose or direction.  You also may suffer with depression, inability to learn, sensitive to light, sound, the environment,

Herbal Tea:

Lavender – Lavender is a miracle herbs for can be used to unblock many issues. It increases clarity, reduces anxiety and stress, calms the mind and improves sleep. ⁣

Days of the Week

The days of the week also relate to the chakras and enhance the effect of whatever healing method you choose on the day.

Saturday- Root Chakra

Saturday is an ideal day for doing any type of healing work on the Root Chakra.  Saturday represents energy and vigour, protection and self-discipline.

Monday, FridaySacral chakra

Associated with Monday ‘The day of the Moon’ The Sacral connects us to our emotions often subconscious or hidden like the moon.  It also represents fertility.

Tuesday, Sunday – Solar Plexus Chakra

Tuesday is the day of Mars since it’s related to the War God Mas.  The Solar Plexus Chakra is sometimes connected with Sunday because of it’s representation with related energies of the Sun.  It’s associated with Tuesday which represents, willpower, determination, strength and courage. It also relates to competition, productivity and effectiveness

Wednesday, Friday – Heart Chakra

The Heart Chakra is associated with Wednesday known as the day of Mercury and the Heart Chakra is associated with Friday the day of Venus because of the compassionate associations with the heart.

Thursday, Wednesday – Throat Chakra

Working on the Throat Chakra on Thursday can help expansion of energies.  Wednesday is associated with Mercury the planet of communication and travel.

Monday, Thursday & Friday – Third Eye Chakra

The Third Eye Chakra is associated with Thursday, Friday and Monday for it’s association with the Moon.  The day of Venus or Friday bring spiritual powers and Thursday, the day of planet Jupiter which is the planet of expansion, higher wisdom and travel.

Sunday – Crown Chakra

The Crown Chakra is often associated with Sunday because of the connection to the Sun.  The Sun is a powerful force in our world because it is the source of heat and light, which is required for many things like our health, food and nature. Without the Sun we wouldn’t exist there would be no life.  The Sun also represents enlightenment or the ultimate of higher consciousness.

Happy Sipping!

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