We all know how massage is very beneficial for our overall health and wellness but are you getting the full benefits of your massage? Some people tend to forget how powerful it is and that it’s an actual detox as well as to release muscle tension, relax, destress and unwind.

So here’s a gentle reminder on how to prepare for massage and get the most out of your treatment.

✨ Always make sure you are hydrated before your treatment takes place as muscles can become dehydrated during a massage.

✨ Always exercise before your treatment and not after as your muscles will be tired from exercise but warmed up for the massage.

✨Take a warm shower if possible as it prepares the body to be less tense which will be more beneficial for you to help you relax more.

✨Avoid eating a heavy meal right before a massage as it stimulates digestion. Try and opt to eat something light two hours beforehand to avoid any discomfort.

✨During your treatment always speak up if you’re not happy with something. Communication is key.

✨ Remember to breathe if your therapist is working on a very tight spot it’s crucial to keep breathing deeply to keep your blood oxygenated to aid tense muscles

✨After treatment avoid drinking any caffeinated drinks as caffeine tenses up the muscles so opt for water or herbal teas instead.

✨ Keep hydrated and drink plenty of water after treatment as it reduces soreness.

✨Avoid Alcohol for the next 12 hours Massage releases toxins from muscles into the bloodstream. Drinking alcohol after a massage can heighten the negative effects of alcohol and make you very dehydrated.

✨Avoid Smoking for 12 hours. Massage increases circulation and smoking will have a stronger negative effect on the body.

✨Eat something light and nutritious

✨Avoid showering until next day if you’ve had an aromatherapy massage and avoid any sun exposure if it’s a sunny day as essential oils may react to the sunlight and cause irritation. Avoid Sun beds.

✨Avoid heavy lifting

✨Relax and enjoy the rest of your day

One massage every few years isn’t going to do much. It’s best to get regular treatments as much as possible whether it’s bi-weekly, monthly or every six weeks.

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Take some time. Treat yourself. You deserve it.