Frankincense essential oil is referred to as ‘King of the oils’ and I can see why as it’s very aromatic and calming and has a wide array of benefits that can help you with your physical, emotional and mental well-being. It has health promoting properties and is very powerful which can easily improve your everyday life. ⁣

So what is Frankincense?

It’s a resin from the Boswellia Sacra tree. There are actually 5 species of Boswellia that produces true Frankincense and Boswellia Sacra is the most popular. Resin from all fives species are available in different grades which depends on the time of harvesting. The trees grow in rocky slopes and southern coastal mountains and can grow to 8 metres. They are native to areas in Ethiopia, Somalia, Oman and Yemen. The oil contains compounds that are anti-inflammatory and purifying as well as protective effect on healthy skin cells. ⁣

Here are some amazing uses for Frankincense essential oils you may like to try:-⁣

💗 Can lift your mood⁣

To feel peace, relaxation and calmness, apply a drop or two with a carrier oil to the bottom of your feet and give yourself a mini foot massage.⁣

💗 Soak for Stress Relief

If you are feeling really anxious, add a few drops to a cup of essential oil along with 30ml of grapeseed oil or jojoba oil mix well and add to your bath. Never add essential oils neat to your bath water as you know water and oil don’t mix and it’s equivalent to just putting the oil neat on your skin which will cause sensitivity and burns so always mix your oils to a carrier oil⁣.

💗 To soothe Muscles⁣

Add a few drops of Frankincense to a hot compress and apply to affected area⁣.

💗 Help for all skin types⁣

To help diminish blemishes and signs of aging, add a drop of Frankincense oil mixed with a drop of Jojoba, Grapeseed oil and apply to skin⁣.

💗 Increase your focus⁣

To help you concentrate apply a couple of drops to your temples and the back of your neck⁣.

💗 Relief from Inflammation and pain⁣

To relieve inflammation and muscle pain, massage the oil into the affected area or rub a drop or two along with a drop or two of carrier oil in the palm of your hands and inhale. ⁣

⁣💗 Fades Scars and Stretch Marks⁣

Frankincense can help decrease the appearance of scars, stretch marks and dark spots and is the number one go to oil for skin support in pregnancy as the skin can sometimes breakout during pregnancy and breastfeeding. To combat this, just add one drop of Frankincense in the palm of your hand and mix it with your organic moisturiser every morning and night. This oil is extremely supportive and beneficial. It’s also great for emotional support as it can help ease worries around pregnancy and giving birth.⁣

💗 Strengthens Nails⁣

Apply a drop of Frankincense oil to weak fingernails and split cuticles along with a drop of Sunflower oil, olive oil, coconut oil as these oils are full of Vitamin E and excellent for keeping nails and cuticles in great condition especially through the Autumn/Winter months⁣.

💗 Relives Tension⁣

If you are suffering with head or neck tension, just combine a few drops of Frankincense with a few drops of Peppermint and Lavender and apply to the temples and back of the neck all the way to the shoulders and feel the tension melt away⁣.

💗 Clean The Air You Breathe⁣

⁣Frankincense has natural cleansing properties to purify the air. So it can clean and deodorise your home. ⁣

💗 Mouth Care⁣

Add Frankincense to your oral hygiene routine. There are several natural products available that include Frankincense eg Living Libations do a toothpaste that contains Frankincense.⁣

💗Connection ⁣

To create an atmosphere for meditation, connection with your inner strength or wisdom, diffuse Frankincense in your sacred space⁣.

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